Make Learning of Chemistry Easy with the World’s First Atomic Table Isotopes and Elements

At Geometric Organisation of Dimension, we have developed a periodic table that typically works in identifying connections between similar particles of matter. It employs the simple working process that was originally invented by Dmitri Mendeleev. In that process, atoms placed in a straight line are linked to each other in a unique way that differed from the remaining atoms on the table. 

Our unique Geometric Organised Dimension, a Unified Table of All Matter combines the theory of Mendeleev’s Geometric Organisation and Gell-Mann’s Eight Fold Way. It is considered as World’s first atomic table Isotopes and Elements that simplifies the understanding of the chemical elements. 

The Periodic Table Explained

In the periodic table, all the chemical elements are arranged in a tabular form based on their atomic number, electronic configuration and reoccurring chemical properties. This helps the user to easily discern the properties of different elements along with determining their mass, electronic configuration, electron number and their distinctive chemical properties. 

You can find the metals on the left side of the table whereas the non-metals on the right side. 

Understand the Elements Better with Our Visually Pleasing Periodic Table  

We have created a colourful and visually appealing periodic table using which the students and others can easily learn and understand the elements in the table in a simple way. It also clearly shows the pattern of growth between shell pairs and also makes it easy to keep the lanthanides and actinides serially with the remaining elements of the table. 

We designed the world’s first atomic table isotopes and elements in a way to easily fit in an A4 sized page. Our product cannot be copied or reconstructed by any other publisher. 

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